Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Inevitable Draft Post

So, another year, another WWE Draft. Let's see who's going where and what that means for them and the WWE in general.

First up, those going to be Raw:

MVP: The US Champ was stalled on SmackDown for quite some time, but had just started to regain some traction in the run up to WrestleMania. The move to Raw may well spoil all of that. On SD, MVP was just below the main event, but by shifting to Mondays, he suddenly finds himself strongly entrenched in the midcard, and we've all seen how well the Raw creative team deals with the midcard...

The Big Show: Again, just as he starts to peak on SmackDown, Show is grabbed by Raw. Will he continue to get pushed or is Show going to sink back into the background (and probably McDonalds)? At least with his height, Show has a chance.

Matt Hardy: Will his post-Mania momentum stay up? Now that Matt is out of Jeff's shadow, it might just - but the US title is probably going to stay Matt's highest achievement.

Triple H: Well, at least Trips won't have to worry about getting pushed. The rest of the roster, on the other hand...

The Miz: Meh. Morrison gets another shot at a singles career, while Miz's best hope is another shot at the Tag Titles with a new partner.

Maryse: Big who cares, as Dr Perry Cox might say. The two women's titles swap over, nothing much changes.

Now, those moving to SmackDown:

Melina: See above.

CM Punk: The Punker has got to be ecstatic with this. He moves to SmackDown, MITB Briefcase in hand, just as their biggest star defects. I see big things in the near future for the former World Champ.

Kane: With Show moving to Raw, Kane looks set to be resident monster on the Blue Brand. However, yet another fued with his "brother" could derail any progress Kane makes.

Chris Jericho: The 2008 Superstar of the Year makes a swap to avoid the man that the IWC considers his nemesis. As I said above, SmackDown is somewhat lacking in star power at the minute, so this could be very good for Y2J.

Rey Mysterio: The IC Champ heads to Fridays, in an attempt to draw in the Latino demographic, and a chance to shine once again. The Intercontinental Title may well get a chance to regain some importance into the bargain.

ECW only gained one wrestler in the main draft, and that was...

Vladimir Kozlov: Well, another push for the world's least menacing big man. Hopefully Kozlov and his terrible offence will be kept far away from JACK SWAGGA~!

And as it is ending now, here are the highlights from the Supplemental Draft from

The Colons to Raw: Is the tag division moving entirely to Raw or is this an empty gesture?
Ezekiel Jackson to ECW: Hope you enjoyed the push back there Spanky...
Hornswoggle to Raw: Better get that CV ready, dude. Wonder if TNA have any use for a leprechaun?
John Morrison to SmackDown: Is the big push finally in sight for the Tough Enough II winner?
Hurricane Helms to ECW: Now there is a guy I'd like to see tangle with Mr Swagger.

Overall, Raw got the most stars, but SmackDown may have received the best deal. Looks like we're heading back to 2002 with SmackDown reclaiming its place as WWE's wrestling show.


  1. Sweet, I had a feeling about the Morrison and Helms switches, and they'll be good moves for both of them.

    SD's one major advantage now is the upper card. Not the main event, but just below it. Ignoring Taker due to unreliable fitness, right now VKM has three money main eventers off the bat - Y2J, Edge and Jeff, but just below them there's Kane, Rey, Punk, Khali, Kennedy, Morison, Benjamin - plenty to give a chance to and see if one sticks, and plenty of options for fresh feuds.

  2. Ok, read the rest...

    Kennedy to RAW - why? SD was set up for him perfectly. I can only assume they like his and MVP's little double act.
    Kendrick to RAW - bye bye Spanky
    Festus to RAW - Bye Bye Jesse
    Ryder to ECW - Bye Bye Hawkins AND Ryder
    DH Smith to that IS interesting, with Kidd there and them plugging his training, and Natalya moving there too, it could be a good little bunch.

    the rest...who cares??? Not even WWE it seems...