Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hello out there!

Hey there. I'm Lewis Muirhead, known to Smashers as Bradshaw101 and other net-types as BringTheNoise. I've written for, the sadly departed and The Gaudie, Aberdeen University's student newspaper, and now SmashBlogs. I'll mostly be covering wrestling here, but expect the occassional rant about politics, movies, TV, comics or Scots law.

As those of you on SmashLives know, I'm quite a lefty and my bias WILL be showing, so try not to get too offended (looking at you there Phenom).

Anyway, I'll be back later today with my special WrestleMania liveblog. Catch you then!

- Lewis

(Hmm, Anthony was right, these things are hard to come up with).

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